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Article: From Scalp to Toe: The International Beauty Show, NYC

From Scalp to Toe: The International Beauty Show, NYC
March 2016
written by: Damien Walker of the WERQ/Radio Podcasting & Youth Making Media Internship at The Attic Youth Center

Professionals from all over the world gathered at the IBS Beauty Show in NYC to see the latest trends, products and tools in hair care, hairstyling, hair color, hair extensions, spa treatments, cosmetics, nail care and sunless tanning. The beauty show started on Sunday, March 6th and ended on Monday, March 8th. The show started promptly at 8:30AM and once that clock struck,  the Jacob Javits Center was already packed in the matter of seconds. The moment you walk through the doors you are dazzled by the new gadgets and products that were being showcased this year. Everyone had a chance to see live demonstrations of the newest hair curlers, nail polish, teeth whiteners, and even some makeup. IBS had famous hairstylists make special appearances to the show such as Kim Vo, Ted Gibson, Dwight Eubanks, and many more. While walking through the event you are able to purchase all new products at a show price that makes everything hectic; everyone loves a good sale! Ted Gibson released his new product line “Starring”, which will hit stores this spring. “Starring was created to star YOU. I wanted to create a line of styling products that would allow for anyone to be able to effectively and easily create whatever look they desire – to be able to feel confident enough to be the star of their own moment and life.” said Ted Gibson during a interview. Ted Gibson wasn’t the only person to drop a new product; a new trend was dropped by the IBS Beauty Show. “Thee Glitter Lips” are a company that took the event by storm with their inventive glitter lips. They created a paste that stays for 8-10 hours through everything such as eating, and drinking. Everyone wanted glitter lips to a point they sold out in the first four hours of the show. The IBS Beauty Show isn’t all just glitter and weave; there is something for every consumer. For example, there was a whole section dedicated to male grooming products such as shaving cream, and clipper heads. Additionally, there was another area dedicated to spa care where they offered free massages that are a must have for the season. With all these departments there is something for everyone to enjoy and it was never a dull moment!

For the ninety-nine years IBS has been in existence, each year it gets bigger and better for patrons and artists alike. The experience you get from attending the show is unreal and a blast of fun; I am so thankful I was given this opportunity to live it myself!


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