Friday, January 8

Mock Journalist Debate: #MummerLivesMatter vs #JusticeNow

#MummerLivesMatter vs #JusticeNow
Mock Journalist Debate with the WERQ/Radio & Youth Making Media Interns

Guest Moderator: Di "the ComeDIan" Hargrove, host of The DI-cent Show
Facilitated by: TS Hawkins

What's the Debate:
One of the city’s oldest traditions paraded in 2016 with some high stakes questions around comedy, satire, and the freedom of expression. During this mock debate, the WERQ/Radio interns will showcase what it means to take a stand and how to get their voices heard! 
‪#‎ChangeChallengeConquer‬ where it’s ‪#‎OK2BU‬!

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