Monday, May 23

Events: #WERQYourGender [Radio Interns Culmination Party]


The WERQ/Radio Podcasting & Youth Making Media Interns at The Attic Youth Center want to celebrate all their hard work. So, come and #WERQYourGender with them WEDNESDAY, June 15th from 6-8PM at Temple University Tuttleman Learning Center (rm 301AB). The event is FREE but RSVP necessary! CLICK HERE TO RSVP YOUR SEAT!


In The News: Youth Programming @ The Attic Youth Center!

"The Attic’s youth programming focuses on assisting youth and young adults develop essential life skills in the areas of job readiness, academic and educational enrichment, youth leadership, arts and culture, and health and wellness. Whether you are interested in dance, cooking, art, fashion or leadership; want to talk to a therapist about coming out to your friends and family; need help finding a job, writing a paper or studying for a math test; or just want to meet other LGBTQ youth, at The Attic you will find a caring community that will support you in meeting your goals while also encouraging you to be yourself."  READ MORE

Tuesday, May 3

In The News: PhillyBOOST Mentions The Attic Youth Center & The OST Experience!

“For me, the importance of afterschool is being able to have something to do. All that I partake in after school keeps me busy. It does get hectic at times, but it keeps me focused. It helps me clear my mind.”-A. Branin, Youth Radio Intern at the Attic Youth Center

“Here [at the Attic Youth Center], we are learning to develop our voice. I appreciate that it is letting me acquire these skills.” He notes that it is important learn to become a confident public speaker: for professional presentations, conducting interviews with others, as well as for job interviews. -J. Kleiner, Youth Radio Intern at the Attic Youth Center READ MORE HERE

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