Thursday, February 18

Event: WHYY Inc. Radio/TV Tour

Thanks to
The WERQ/Radio Podcasting & Youth Making Media Interns
received the opportunity to tour the WHYY Inc. facilities
and learn the in & outs of radio/television broadcasting!

Event: Social Justice POWER Panel @ Temple University

The WERQ/Radio Podcasting & Youth Making Media Interns
had their first day in the field as youth journalist for
the University Community Collaborative's SOCIAL JUSTICE PANEL
hosted by Nick Palazzolo & the POWER Interns!

About the Panel:
The panel, organized by the POWER Internship program of the University Community Collaborative, will include community leaders, activists, and educators who are working towards a vision of social justice in Philadelphia.
Moderated by the POWER interns, this panel will cover a range of issues including
identity erasure, standardized testing, police violence, and Black Lives Matter.

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