Thursday, July 28

In The News: Results of the Pitch Panel!

The Media Arts Summer Interns presented their episodes to a pitch panel. Each episode needed to display high marks in Storyboarding, Research, Improv, and Teamwork! Interns learned very quickly that the more information they had on a subject, the better the pitch and the possibility of their episode making it to the production table.

Congratulations to the 2 episodes that made the grade!
Here is a sneak peek of what is on the immediate horizon!


*Episode 6: "‪Dear Congress, Where's My Seat?!"

Tuesday, July 19

In The News: Philadelphia Youth Network Likes Us...

They like us!!!
They really, really like us!!!!

Thank You...
Thank You!

In The News: G.O.A.L. Press Conference with the Media Arts Summer Interns!

The Media Arts summer interns at The Attic Youth Center
completed their 1st Press Conference with
Jo Mason and Greater Philly G.O.A.L.
at the 6th Precinct.

Press articles coming soon!

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